Walking on the Ocean Floor

For those who want to explore the ocean depths without getting wet, the Sea Walk in Andaman is a remarkable experience. It allows you to walk along the seabed, surrounded by colorful fish and exotic marine life, all while wearing a specially designed helmet.

The Sea Walk begins with a boat ride to the designated site, where a professional guide will assist you in putting on the underwater helmet. Once you descend into the water, you’ll step onto the ocean floor, where a surreal world awaits.

As you walk among the coral reefs and interact with the marine creatures, you’ll feel like you’re part of a different world. The clear waters and the absence of bulky scuba equipment provide a unique perspective of the underwater world.

Sea Walking in Andaman is suitable for all ages and doesn’t require any prior diving or swimming experience. It’s a safe and thrilling way to explore the rich biodiversity of the Andaman Sea and create unforgettable memories of your visit to these beautiful islands.